Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party at the Kimbles

Well we had our party that we look forward to all year long. Halloween! Costumes, pinatas, jack o lanterns, games, and family, you just can't ask for anything more. In fact this year we won the jack o lantern contest.

Daryl was Lucifer, Isaiah was Zorro, Ilaina was a witch, and I was a pink lady.

It really was a great time and after the party there was a party at Auntie Donna's house with Erica, Peyton, and Andrew. They watched a halloween movie, had a pillow fight and played with play dough.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn with a Burnt Hand!

On Saturday I was busy finishing Ilaina's Halloween costume and I heard crying, my heart sank, it was a hurt cry. Laina had burnt her hand on the fireplace. Now she has a wrap on her hand so she doesn't break the blisters. Definitely not going to get a mother of the year award now. Her uncle Ryan calls it her giant Q Tip for her daddy's ears.

She is doing great now! She was crawling all around just 8 hours after it happened. Children are so resilient.

We have had so much fun outside this fall. The grass hasn't been growing so we have way more time for fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well I have finally got around to decorating for Halloween. Isaiah was thrilled with all the ghost clings and jack o lanterns around the house, oh and I forgot to mention the spiders that are now in every room as well. Halloween always is exciting not just because we get to dress up and eat candy but it marks the beginning of the holidays in the Fish home. Decorations for Halloween, Fall, Christmas, then Easter. The house always seems a little bare without a seasoned decoration. Hot Apple Cider, Apple pies, Apple crisp, Apple tort, Apple Apple Apple. Wow I never realized I like Apple so much! Fall is great and I'm glad its here.