Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peace on Earth!

While I was at work Daryl was watching the kids at home. He must have either really wore the kids out or served them a late lunch because Ilaina fell asleep in her high chair. It really is amazing how quiet the house gets when Ilaina is out of commision. She is full of spirit and energy, fun and the dickens. What a little blessing from the Lord but I know he is teaching me life lessons on a daily basis with this beautiful little creature.

Pictures Galore!

After graduation we came home and Isaiah made a mad dash for his room to grab his toy camera, which incidently was my toy camera growing up, he wanted to take pictures just like everyone else was doing. Ilaina was saying CHEESE for him and I decided to take a few with Isaiah and mommy.


After being babysat by his uncle Greg Isaiah has been doing tee pee man everytime he wears a hooded sweatshirt. Its pretty cute but mostly funny. It is a reference to Bevis and Butthead which Greg and his family watched while growing up.